Detroit-area artist starts Quarantine CARE-e-oke shows to raise money for Beaumont

Since COVID-19 hit, things have slowed down a bit. But not for singer-songwriter Raye Williams.

Her brother and sister are nurses and that's part of what inspired her to start an online fundraiser called Quarantine CARE-e-oke to raise money for healthcare workers on the front lines at Beaumont. 

"We're singing, we're social distancing, we're celebrating our brave doctors and nurses," she says. 

Each Thursday Raye hosts these virtual events via social media. Fans vote on a theme, like '90s pop divas.

"Every week is something different and this week I'm actually bringing a special guest, one of Detroit's favorites, Tasha Owens. So we're gonna have a really big time."

The other inspiration for Raye starting this virtual fundraiser was that she has dealt with serious illness and wanted to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who were so central to her recovery. 

Earlier this year, Raye won a contract and recorded with Jay-Z's TIDAL music streaming service - all while beating cervical cancer. 

"I just really wanted to do something to show my gratitude for them helping me in a dark time and just also for us to have a good time raising funds."

Williams says every dollar raised goes to Beaumont Health Foundations COVID-19 relief fund. You can participate every Thursday at 8 p.m. on her Facebook page. There's an encore on Instagram at 9 p.m. 

She's only been doing this for a few weeks and has already raised $1,500. She hopes to bring that to $2,000 by the end of the next show.