Detroit charity store vandalized, robbed by thieves

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The group Detroiters Helping Each Other says someone ransacked their store on the southwest side.

Donations meant to go to people in need were stolen Wednesday.

"I have nothing, I don't know what else to do," said Jessica Ramirez, or Detroiters Helping Each Other.

The founder of Detroiters Helping Each Other and organization to help families in need, walked into her shop on Vernor finding ripped up walls and stolen school supplies.

The crooks even left the hammer she believes they used to break in.

"They broke the back door," Ramirez said. "I can't even leave because I don't have the money to fix the locks here."

Ramirez and her organization had been preparing to hand out food and hygiene products to the homeless and school supplies to children in need this weekend.

"This whole table was full," Ramirez said.

About 75 bags stuffed with school necessities were stolen.

"We got kids counting on us for them to have book bags and I have nothing to give them," Ramirez said.

Also taken was clothing, electronics and money. The thieves even drank her daughter's juice boxes and put a cigarette out into the carpet. The thieves also smashed candles and other supplies.

Ramirez says she feels helpless.

"Anybody can come here and ask for anything and we'll give it to them," Ramirez said.

The mother of six, featured on FOX 2 several months ago for her hard work and dedication to giving back, says she knows what it's like to feel desperate.

She was once homeless herself. She says she can't understand why someone would do this.

"They're taking away from people who truly need it," she said.

Detroit police were out Wednesday as Ramirez hopes to eventually install a security system.

But first, and most importantly, she is asking the public for help.

"Please consider helping us," she said. "We're just a bunch of mothers and fathers who come together. Help us get the book bags together for Sunday. Make sure those kids have what they need."

To contact the group to make a donation, go to the Facebook page: or call (313) 704-5392.