Detroit church says contractor took $12,000 but left roof in disrepair

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A Detroit church is hoping it doesn't rain anymore - the roof was supposed to be fixed, but the contractor never finished it.

Every Tuesday at the Grace Temple Pastor Franklin Garrison helps pack up boxes after bible study for those in need.

In the blighted neighborhood on Dexter, the Grace Temple is one of the only resources available every week for the last 22 years. But now this church that has served so many, finds itself in a sad state.

"We need help," Garrison said.

The church is out thousands of dollars for a roofing job they say has only left them with leaks and water damage in nearly every room.

Instead of passing the plate for donations, they are passing pots down pews to catch water from leaks. 

Pastor Garrison says he hired Ed Brown and Heritage LLC out of Grosse Pointe Park in January 2018. He paid Brown more than $12,000 to repair and replace the roof. He says that hasn't stopped the leaking, it's only gotten worse - with damage to the ceilings, the carpet and beyond.

"The work he has done - is shabby," said Garrison. 

The pastor even tried contacting Brown's insurance agency but they say Heritage LLC didn't comply with the provisions of their policy - so nothing is covered. FOX 2 stopped by their office in Grosse Pointe Park but it was locked up tight.

"I'm going to take a serious review of it and look at it this week," said Brown.

FOX 2 reached Ed Brown by phone and he said there might be a problem with one of the church walls but promised to go back and check things out. Pastor Garrison says Brown has made that promise before.

And FOX 2 has found prior complaints and fines for Brown with the state's department of licensing and regulatory affairs. Now Pastor Garrison fears the damage done to the structure could jeopardize the mission of his church.

"You see what we're doing here, people need help in this city," Garrison said. "There's a lot of hurting people and we're in the midst of it. And all we want to do is continue what we have been doing."