Detroit City Council vacancy: Residents sound off on suspect candidates

More than a dozen candidates are being considered for an open seat on the Detroit City Council.

In Part 1 of his reports, FOX 2's ML Elrick uncovered that some of the candidates have red flags on their resumes. 

In Part 2 he thinks residents should have a say as to who they want and what they want to avoid in a new council member.

"I would like to see someone who has the city of Detroit in their best interest," said resident Debra Bowman. "Someone who has not so much of a checkered past. We all have a past but not a checkered past. 

"Someone who has a connection in Lansing that can help us and work well with Mayor (Mike Duggan)." 

FOX 2 can't say how some candidates will work with the mayor, but can tell you about their checkered pasts.

David Bullock

Bullock, 37, a senior pastor at Greater Saint Matthew Baptist Church, has unpaid parking tickets and often neglected to vote, in 20 of 31 elections.

Another resident said that he thinks voting in elections is important for a prospective candidate.

"That's very important," Ken Simpson said. "To be a leader you have to show responsibility."

Paula Humphries

Humphries, 59, is a former judge who made a pretty good salary but ended up in bankruptcy with a house foreclosure. 

"How did she lose it," said resident Maxine Gross. "She might have had some habits, I'm not saying drugs, but she might have been down to some of these casinos. That's the only thing that will take your money real quick."

Elrick: "When she filed for bankruptcy, she did have $5,000 in gambling debts."

"See," the resident said. "I told you about the casinos and I don't even know who this person is."

Frederick Durhal, Jr.

Durhal, 61, is a former state representative also filed for bankruptcy and had bad debts. 

David Nathan

Nathan, 42, is another former state representative who had bad debt. He filed for bankruptcy and faced foreclosure.

One resident weighed in on how past money troubles could affect today's council candidates.

Elrick "Do you think it's possible that someone who can't manage their own money, can manage a billion-dollar budget like the city of Detroit has?"

"They're going to be pretty hard," the man said.

Dustin Campbell

Campbell, 35, of workforce development specialist for Goodwill Industries spent some time in jail in Florida after attempting to run a man over with his car.

Elrick: "What about someone who has been in jail, is that okay?"

"It depends on why they've been in jail," said resident Alejandro Gomez.

Elrick: "He beat somebody up."

"I don't know if that would be a good person to work with," Gomez said.

Most of the candidates blame economic hard times - except for Campbell.

He said that he did go to jail, but police exaggerated what he was accused of doing.

FOX 2 discovered more about two more candidates that residents should know about.

Beverly Kindle-Walker

Walker, 60, is a legislative assistant who had a bankruptcy and a foreclosure. 

Walker blamed hard times, job loss and unfortunate circumstances.

Frazier Kimpson

Kimpson, 69, who is from the mayor's Office of Community Affairs, had bad debts and a bankruptcy. 

"Everyone has issues now and then but how you bounce back (is what matters)," Bowman said. "It doesn't rule them out. As long as you've changed your ways."

One older resident said the checkered backgrounds are a warning.

"Watch out for those crooks they come in all flavors," Silas Stephen said. "You can't (spot a crook) go with your gut feeling and when you vote, listen to the people."

Elrick and FOX 2 has listened to the people, the question is will the Detroit City Council.