Detroit mom burglarized twice in two weeks, pit bull then gun stolen

In the span of two weeks, a Detroit mom says she was robbed twice of two things to protect her: First her dog, then her gun. 

Jennifer Lynk says she doesn't even feel safe in her own home. Not after both her pit bull, Shark, and her gun were stolen.

Now, Lynk is trying to figure out how to explain to her three little girls why someone would want to take their one-year-old pup that they called their little brother.

Lynk says her east side home on Balfour has been broken into four times in three years. She says the first two crimes were within two weeks back in the summer of 2013.

"The worst feeling is to come home to your house being open to the public," she said. "I was able to look outside from my bedroom door and see the alleyway and that scared my kids."

This summer, it's the same verse: Two break-ins in two weeks.

Lynk says after the first two break-ins, she spent hundreds of dollars to put up a fence that included latches in hopes of keeping criminals at bay.

Two years later, it's obvious that didn't work. The most recent crime was last week when they broke through the fence and into the family home. Once inside, they took her kids' toys, her gun, a PlayStation 4 and multiple tablets. 

But all of that pales in comparison to what happened just a week before, when thieves stole something worth more to the family.

They pried open Shark's cage that had two locks on it and stole him from the home.

"I would rather have him back than anything out here," Lynk said. "He's not replaceable."

Detroit police say they're investigating the latest break-in and Lynk says she can't stop worrying about who has her dog.

"I'm worried more for his safety because I don't want him mistreated," she said. "If I thought that it was someone who had him that was going to treat him like me, I would probably sleep better at night."

All that remains here are broken hearts as this family hopes someone returns what they call their gentle, big blue, baby.

"It's just me and my girls. That was our boy, that was our protector." 

Look closely at the picture of Shark. If you've seen him, call 313-523-5361