Detroit mom delivers her third set of twin babies

Arlena Bomer of Detroit was in so much disbelief - she made the doctor order a second ultrasound - and sure enough, two heartbeats and two babies came one day before her 41st birthday.

"Ah no, I was looking crazy, I couldn’t believe it," she said."They had to give me a little water, put a rag on me. I couldn’t believe it.

"Of course, I was crying and looking, and crying, because I still can’t believe it – three sets of twins, man."

Arlena gave birth to her third set of twins. First, it was 9-year-old boys Jamal and Jordan and then came the girls, 1-year-old Leah and Lena, and now this double bundle of joy.

"The next thing I know, the contractions kept coming," she said. "I got here at four o’clock and I had them at 4:38."

Dad Dwight Anderson seems pretty calm because twins clearly run on both sides of the family.

"I am just happy – happy that they are here, I am happy that they are healthy," said Dwight.

Arlena's other sets of twins, Jamal and Jordan and Leah and Lena.

Arlena's other sets of twins, Jamal and Jordan and Leah and Lena.

Dwight's grandmother had two sets of twins and triplets. On top of that:

"I’m a twin and my twin brother has 12 kids and he has no twins – I’m taking it all," quipped Arlena.

The twins arrived about a month early, but we're told both are in the NICU and are doing well with a baby boy weighing in at 4 pounds, 8 ounces, and a baby girl two pounds, 14 ounces.

Names and a bigger house, are still on the way.

"I named the girls so I am going to let mom do this one," said Dwight.

"Big enough space for them. That’s what I got now, that’s what I got to work on," Arlena said. "Because they are not just coming by one – they are coming by two."

Arlena - who has a total of nine children with the eldest being 19, says she is not expecting to plan for any more kids.

Arlena's newest twin delivery.

Arlena's newest twin delivery.