Detroit mom testifies against man she said raped her. He's accused of killing three other woman

The testimony from a preliminary hearing for an accused serial rapist wasn't easy to listen to.

"How much of the knife is inside you?" asked an attorney.

"The whole knife," responded the victim.

"And it's inside your neck?" again asked the attorney.

"Yes," answered the victim.

And dialogue wouldn't get any lighter.

"What were you feeling at that time?" asked the attorney.

"Fear. Death," responded the victim.

On Tuesday, a judge heard testimony from a woman who said she was raped and stabbed in the neck by Deangelo Martin, a 34-year-old man. Martin is charged with five counts, including assault, rape and intent to murder.

During the preliminary exam, the 26-year-old victim said back on May 6, she had been staying at a drug house on Saratoga Street when she met Martin, who introduced himself as Amir Elijah at the time. The woman said she was only using the house for food and a shower and that she hadn't used drugs in days.

It was at that house that Martin offered the woman a place to stay.

"He lives in his mother's basement and I'm welcome to come there and eat and shower and sleep," she said

The woman took the bus with the suspect to his mother's home on Barlow. Martin's mother, another man and his grandmother were there. After the woman said when she was taking a shower, Martin invited himself into the bathroom.

He didn't assault her there. Later that night however, the victim went to sleep in the basement when Martin followed her.

"He wanted to have sex with me and I told him I didn't want to," said the victim.

That's when Martin forced her legs open and performed oral sex on her. Nervous, the woman eventually stopped him and fell asleep.

"My next memory is waking up with a sharp pressure going into my neck," said the victim.

That's when Martin began raping her. While she took the knife out and applied pressure with a pillow on the wound, the suspect continued assaulting her.

"He says he might let me live if you be quiet and let him finish," she said.

And when he did, the woman said she grabbed the knife and slashed him, before running upstairs screaming for help. 

During Tuesday's preliminary exam, the defense questioned the woman's memory and her credibility, asking if she had been under the influence of anything.

"Did you make any requests for him to get you drugs?" asked a defense attorney. 

"No," she responded.

"Not once?" he asked. 

"Not once," she responded.

Martin is charged with the rape and murder of three other women as well.

Following testimony, a judge determined enough evidence was available for the case to go to trial. Martin will head back to court up against all charges on July 23. Martin's attorney said they expected that outcome.