Detroit nonprofit offers free and low-cost yoga to those in need

A Detroit nonprofit is providing those in need with a chance to relax and unwind through free and low-cost yoga classes.

"We want to bring people in from all walks of life," said Nakia Reeves, the vice president of Holy Yoga Detroit and co-owner of Wild Peace Yoga. "We like to cater to people who don't always fit in with the traditional yoga body and mindset and then give them a place of peace."

The nonprofit has a mission of bringing yoga to people who otherwise may not have the chance to experience these classes. This includes adults with special needs, inner-city residents, human trafficking survivors, and those in recovery.

Holy Yoga Detroit has been able to touch thousands of lives through partnerships with other nonprofits.

"It has been awesome and humbling to be a part of that journey for people," said Kristin Daubenmeyer, the president of Holy Yoga Detroit and co-owner of Wild Peace Yoga.

The classes have provided connection and transformation.

"A lady came out of our class, first time coming here from Ohio, was in tears. She said, ‘You know what you spoke in this class was directly in line with what my pastor was preaching in church. It gave me a little bit of hope,’" Reeves said. "We go to those people who need to move their bodies but also connect with the lord and remind them that god hasn't left you, that you don't have to be in church even though that's where he wants you to be. You can connect with him other ways."

Holy Yoga has spent 16 years training more than 6,000 yoga instructors around the world and Wild Peace Yoga Studio actually trains instructors for nonprofit.

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