Detroit Pit Crew says number of abused, abandoned dogs it is helping is greatest number in years

It never ends at Apaws Animal Hospital, who partners with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.  

"Here we have sweet girl Dolce she was found roaming the streets of Detroit in horrible shape," said Theresa Sumpter. "This is Tattoo Tatoo was found tied to a liquor store for 24 hours, it turns out she was shot..she was shot in her front right leg.

"In the last 30 days we have picked up 56 dogs that needed severe medical care and help."

Theresa says their specialty is the worst of the worst, and this summer has been the worst in a decade. She says that so many dogs have been dumped – like Dolce.  

FOX 2: "How much weight should she put on?"

"Another 30 pounds," she said.

Dogs shot, dogs neglected, dogs abused – like Journey who was purposely burned, found wandering with these sickening wounds.

There have also been dogs that weren’t able to be saved.  

"We do know that that dog suffered immense pain," she said.  

Justice was found with a leash wrapped and embedded in his neck.  

"This took about 6 months to get that embedded in the was so bad it exposed the trachea," she said.

He didn’t survive surgery – and now, possible charges against the owner who let him wither away in a backyard in Detroit.  

On top of these cases, are the most parvo puppies this rescue has seen. Parvo is a very contagious life-threatening virus.

"The average parvo puppy for us costs (between) $3,000 to $5,000," Theresa said.

There have been 30 parvo pups. so far. With a summer of lagging donations, The Detroit Pit Crew doing their best not to turn away those in the most need.  

"We can definitely use some help right now," Sumpter said.

If you want to help dogs like Mini – who was dumped, found wandering the streets of Detroit, DONATE HERE.

Text 248-906-9022 If you see a stray dog of ANY breed that is injured, sick, emaciated and needs immediate medical attention. Donate Stray Dog? Text Detroit Pit Crew DOG RESCUE Please text 248-906-9022