Detroit police announce new body cams for entire force

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Detroit police announced plans to put body cameras on all officers in every car.

The new technology for Detroit's police department will include body cameras integrated with car dash cams, Mayor Mike Duggan announced Tuesday.

"I'm not aware of another department in the country that has integrated the body cameras with the dashboard cameras," Duggan said.

Duggan said there will be body cameras for every one of the 2,500 cops in Detroit, and a working dash cam for the 409 marked police vehicles.

In today's environment, I don’t care what city, wherever you go," Chief James Craig said. "There's a great likelihood they are going to be videotaped."

"I am going to push the button, before I get out of the car," said Officer John Siejutt. "It is going to be recording prior to the stop. Once I make contact, it is already going to be recording."

"It's going to merge into the system, and show all as one," Capt. Tim Leach said. "That is the integration system."

The dashboard cameras will cost $350,000, and that money is in the budget. The body cams will cost about $3 million over three years before its implemented. That money will come from the police capital budget and federal grants.

And besides the transparency, there are other benefits.

"Certainly a person who is inclined to make false or frivolous allegations against police will think twice if they know they are videotaped," Craig said.

The selection as to which company will be providing this equipment will have to be approved by Detroit city Council as well as the Detroit police commissioners.