Detroit police investigate video of large group firing guns on New Year's Eve

Detroit police was kept very busy New Year's Eve into New Year's Day investigating six different shootings and a homicide.

But something else DPD is busy with every year, is gunfire at midnight when some people ring in the new year with a bang.

It is the latest "wow" video doing laps on social media of about a dozen people bringing in the year 2020 by opening fire with guns pointed to the sky.

"That's at least 100-200 shots being fired I would say," said James Deblois.

"That's a lot of guns, dangerous, but it's pretty typical around here," said Nolan Johnson.

So typical - even a Detroit EMS rig was hit with what looks like a bullet to their windshield on New Year's Eve. 

Detroit police now looking into it that situation. Meanwhile, Detroit police cybercrimes are working to pinpoint where the gunfire video was taken…after it popped up on a few Detroiters Facebook pages. 

"Just in a residential area shooting off guns, those bullets come down somewhere," said Deblois.

Gunfire has been the soundtrack of New Year’s eve in the city since the 1970s says long time Detroiter Chuck.

"As the years go by, it got more and more uncontrollable," Chuck said.

So much so, that he has an unfortunate tradition of his own.

"I turn my lights out and lay down on the floor," he said. "I don't go by any windows and don't stand outside."

City leaders have tried to quell the tradition with slogans like bells not a bang or hugs not bullets as activists try to encourage safe celebrations every year. 

In Cleveland and Houston two women are dead after being hit by stray bullets on New Year's Eve, including a 61-year-old nurse, hit with a bullet in her yard. 

And here at home - seven people shot across Detroit on New Year's Eve and day. 

"Stay in the basement stay in the house - it seems the safest way," Johnson said.