Detroit police look for 3 persons of interest in fatal hit and run

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A man found dead, his body lying in the street on Eight Mile on Detroit's northwest side.

Police first thought he's the victim of a hit and run but  he may have been attacked and left to die - before he was hit by the car.

The victim is a 51-year-old man after he was hit by a motorist just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday. 

Investigators say the tragic incident happened near W. Eight Mile and Rosemont.

"When we saw the police pull up, that's when we knew something had happened," said Phillip Roland, Roseland Bar. "A police scene was about four to five cars, a fire truck and EMS. They were over there with flashlights looking all around."

Roland was working as a cook at a bar near the tragic scene. He says he took a break and went outside to see what took place.

"I guess someone was beating him up or something," Roland said. "I heard he got assaulted. One officer told me he was assaulted another says he was walking across the street so it's hard to say what happened."

FOX 2 was told by Detroit police are still investigating and are calling the incident a fatal hit and run but there may be more.

Police say they also want to speak to three people of interest who may have information that can help them with the investigation.