Detroit woman carjacked at gunpoint, suspect still at large

A Detroit woman was carjacked at gunpoint and the suspect is still out there.

"I looked over and could see he had the gun pointed at me," said Sarah Burger. "He said don't scream, don't move."

Those words are stuck on repeat in Sarah Burger's mind - the aftermath of a carjacking on east Willis near Dubois. The man drove off in her Kia SUV with her iPhone still inside.

"That came in very handy because it's an iPhone and you're able to track them," she said.

Detroit police did just that as Sarah stood on standby at the Seventh Precinct.

"They had watched him go in and out of a couple of locations and at one location in particular they were going to arrest him when he came out of that location," she said.

But that never happened.

"Then all of a sudden there was just nothing for close to an hour probably," Burger said. "And then when they came back they said that they had the wrong guy."

FOX 2: "Walk me through how police lost this guy."

"If I could tell you I would, but I have no idea," she said.

FOX 2 did not get an answer from police either. 

They recovered Sarah's SUV - but the guy who robbed her was never caught. All of that happened January 10th. And this past weekend, no more than a mile from East Willis and Dubois.

Two men carjacked and pistol whipped an 81-year-old man in the 3600 block of Rivard. Sarah saw the story and shuddered.

"What he described, I literally gave word for word, that was the description I gave to the police," she said.

It is unknown if it was the same person. Sarah isn't taking any chances she's urging everyone in that neighborhood to be vigilant.

"If there are no arrests still, I believe there is a very good chance this could happen again," she said.

Detroit police are not confirming any connection between the two carjackings but if you have any information contact DPD at (313) 596-5200.