Detroit woman claims rental property is unlivable

A Detroit woman says she's isn't getting what she pays for from a property management company. She's not the only one with problems - another woman says someone at the company assaulted her when a deal when bad.

While another says someone at the same company assaulted her when a deal went bad.

When Jackie Swift moved in to her home on Duchess in Detroit last month, she says there was not furnace. One has since been installed but she says it wasn't improperly done. She said there are even more problems.

"The kitchen cabinets were not fixed; they've been promising me a back window," Swift said.

The company she rents from is Great Lakes Management. She says she pays $550 per month as she continues to wait for work to be done

"As long as I pay rent my house would be livable," Swift said.

She's not the only one with issues. Tomikann Hatchett wanted to rent a home from Great Lakes and says the company had her put down a $550 deposit.

Hatchette says when the deal did not go through, she went to the company to get her money back. Instead, she said a member of the management team became violent toward her.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me you are giving me a refund and she kept pushing me and I said don't put your hands on me," Hatchett said. "And when I went to stop her from pushing me, she hit me with a glass vase and then everyone on her staff rushed me."

Fox 2 went to Great Lakes Management for comment. The manager, Jasmine McMorris, would not go on camera but tells Fox 2 in response to Hatchette's allegations that there is a no refund policy and that Hatchett hit her first and she was defending herself.

McMorris also had this to say about Jackie Swift's allegations:

"There were some outstanding maintenance issues and I did notice these items and instructed my maintenance staff to take care of issues.  As of today's date the one issue that has not been addressed is the back window. I have already instructed maintenance to get one cabinet for the wall."

Fox 2 also called the City of Detroit for answers and they said there are several issues with this company's homes.

"There are currently 11 rental properties that have violations associated with the property maintenance code with Great Lakes properties listed as the property management agent. We have started the issuing of citations for these properties."