Detroit woman 's food program grows to community outreach during pandemic

Even though a pandemic has hit, Sonia Brown, who's rather known as Auntie Na, isn't slowing down at all. 

She's usually out feeding, clothing and housing the less fortunate but has now taken on a new endeavor during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Throughout the pandemic, what started off as just continuing our food program that we initially had every Saturday, has now grown into a full outreach program where we're now feeding and tending to over 500 community family members that are in need of food."

 Wednesday afternoon we caught Auntie Na packing up food boxes for delivery.

"Well truthfully it makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to do, but the joy comes from where the community and others have come together to make this possible."

Her home on Yellowstone is part of a community village with multiple structures to provide essential services.

She says with the deliveries she's making sure there's still no contact. She's even leaving treats at bus stops for folks who have to ride. 

Na said she had a $150,000 grant for community nutrition and is using some of that money to feed people now.