Detroit woman watches her car get firebombed on surveillance video

Police are looking for the culprit after a woman's car was firebombed on Detroit's west side.

"I was just in total shock that my car was on fire," Ladonna Young said.

It happened just after midnight Thursday when Ladonna had just gotten back to her apartment off Faust.

Ladonna looked out and her Dodge Calibur was in flames. She didn't know until she watched surveillance video that it was firebombed. The video shows a young man running across the street and throwing something through her window, she says.

"It was totaled, I've never seen a car look like that though," she said.

There are security cameras all over the complex but the two that would have caught a license plate number weren't working at the time. She says she doesn't know why they chose her car but hopes to figure out why. Although she's filed a police report, that won't bring her car back - that car is already at the scrap yard down the street. 

Ladonna says it's impacted her family as her kids go to two different schools. After her fiancé died last month, she says she's been behind on some payments including her car insurance, and now she's out thousands and a way to get around.