Detroit's Farmacy Foods subscription meal service promises health benefits, big flavor

Metro Detroit entrepreneur Kwaku Osei, like so many with busy lives, faced challenges when deciding what to eat.

"It’s become very easy and convenient to grab the wrong things when it comes time to fuel ourselves," he said.

So Osei and his business partner Chef Phil Jones decided to cook up a solution called Farmacy Food.

"So pharmacy food is about change - one plate at a time," Jones said. "We do meal services such as meal prep meal packs."

One of the first steps in this process is to go online for a survey which the co-owners say it will put you one step closer to healthier meals.

"How do you eat? Are you a pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan? Are you trying to lose weight do you have inflammation issues?" Jones said.

The co-owners say what makes their service unique is that they brought a nutritionist on board to help them come up with the right approach for meal options based on individual survey responses.

"Once you get the food right and that’s by creating a foundation of whole real foods from the earth and mainly plants that is the starting place," said Dr. Akua Woolbright, Ph.D/Nutritionist . "Those foods are so medicinal that you are going to be able to heal and nourish your system, organs, cells and DNA."

One dish created by Farmacy Food that is found to address inflammation concerns is Indian and Caribbean curry.

"Featuring sweet potatoes, collard greens chickpeas full of protein flavor some anti-inflammatory properties are part of this dish," Jones said.

The meal prep is done in this commercial kitchen on the campus of Marygrove in Detroit.

"We have our team making these meals and then delivering them on a weekly basis," Osei said. "You can go to take the meal heat it up and eat it at your convenience."

The creators of Farmacy Food say the meals range in price and the service is affordable.

"Five dollars to $13 and we offer a discount to low-income residents, college students educations, seniors citizens and veterans," Osei added. "We just want to make it convenient. Because we know how difficult it can be."

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