Do you know these U.S. presidents' favorite sports?

You’re probably happy to have a day off on Presidents Day, but have you ever wondered what presidents do outdoors on their days off? Some of these answers might surprise you:

  • It’s no secret that President Trump goes gaga for golf, but he’s hardly alone there. Bill Clinton loved to hit the links too, usually with his trademark cigar.
  • Barack Obama played his share of golf, but his true passion in the White House was playing hoops.
  • Richard Nixon probably spent his days off tossing around the pigskin. He even played football in college. But he probably wasn’t as good as Gerald Ford, who was a star for Michigan Wolverines.
  • There’s no question George W. Bush’s game is baseball; he used to own the Texas Rangers. And George Bush Sr. was a ballplayer at Yale. As team captain, he got to meet Babe Ruth.
  • Harry S. Truman was a bowler, and the very first president to use the White House bowling alley.
  • As for Jimmy Carter, it’s no secret that the Secret Service had to accompany him any time he went out on a fun run.
  • And of course, if you were looking for JFK, there’s a decent chance you might have found him with Jackie, out on his sailboat.