Dogs rescued from abandoned Detroit home ready for adoption soon

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A dog and her puppies are doing well after being rescued from a home in Detroit.

Soda Pop and her puppies have been recovering at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital in Waterford after they were found in an abandoned house in Detroit. 

“The mom was in bad shape, yeah they were all sickly puppies, and that’s unfortunately what can happen when you have a stray dog that’s malnourished and that affects her puppies so yeah, they all were sick,” Dr. Erica Hawker said with Union Lake Veterinary Hospital.

Red Pop was the sickest and some were worried he wouldn’t make it, but now they’re all doing better. 

“Over and over we pride ourselves on taking on cases that we know no one else really can or will,” Dustin Banooni said with Detroit Dog Rescue.

Now that mom and her puppies are feeling good they get back to their playful lives. 

“Now we’re starting to see more playful behaviors, jumping and bouncing and they’ll run, playing with some toys, mom’s pretty tolerant,” Dr. Hawker laughed.

In just a few short weeks, they’ve really changed. 

“It’s really a very rewarding part of my job to see these animals that are neglected and not being cared for and see the transformation,” Dr. Hawker said. 

Dustin Banooni with Detroit Dog rescue is excited for the future of the puppies. 

“They’re all in a few weeks going to be really excited to go to a new home, go to a foster and start their bright lives,” he said.

If you’d like to adopt or foster one of these puppies or mom visit The Detroit Dog rescue here.