Donald Trump officially wins Republican nomination

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GOP Tweet

Donald Trump has been officially made the GOP nominee for president.

Trump reached the 1237 votes from the Republican state-by-state nomination roll call at the RNC in Cleveland Tuesday evening.

Trump is celebrating his big achievement Tuesday night: officially becoming the Republican nominee for president. Trump has posted a tweet that it was "such a great honor" after the roll call of the states at the Republican National Convention gave him the number of delegates needed to become the GOP's nominee.

Some anti-Trump friction was felt as delegate votes were taken from various states at the convention.

Republican convention officials are giving some delegates won by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to Donald Trump.

The District of Columbia had zero votes for Donald Trump, casting 10 votes for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and nine for Ohio Gov. John Kasich. But the convention's presiding officer awarded all 19 delegates to Trump.

Here's what delegate Chip Nottingham thought of that move:

"The chair, in a power play, just deemed that all 19 would go to Trump 'cause they don't want any dissent even though they clearly have a majority of votes that they need."

Nottingham demanded that the delegation be polled. But convention officials didn't give him the chance to speak.

Colorado cast four votes for Trump but there were no signs of protest. Colorado delegates were strongly supportive of Ted Cruz and have been the most openly hostile at the convention. Some booes were heard after the low vote count from its state convention were cast.

Earlier Tuesday, some Republicans were saying Cruz's supporters wanted to gather enough signatures to allow the Texan to be nominated.

Being officially nominated means a candidate is entitled to have supporters deliver a nominating and seconding speech. But Trump's campaign and GOP officials eager for a show of unity behind Trump worked to head that off.

---The Associated Press contributed to this report.