Dozens of cars vandalized in Harper Woods with BB guns

Detectives are investigating the damage of at least 24 vehicles that were shot with BB guns in Harper Woods Monday night.

The Harper Woods Department of Public Safety started receiving reports late Monday night. Most vehicles involved in the incident had windows shot out. 

The majority of the cars were parked on Kenosha, Washtenaw and Roscommon. 

"I had two BB holes inside of it and then part of it was totally blown up," said Kimron Brown.

Police say cars shot were in the driveways, in the street -- just randomly. Some cars had all their windows blown out. 

Officials say they aren't sure who may be responsible at this time. Police are encouraging anyone with information on this crime to contact the HWDPS at 313-343-2530. 

"They don't take into account that the normal resident might feel threatened, thinking it is a real gun, and if they're armed, they're going to react to it," said Harper Woods Police Lt. Vincent Smith.