DPD not ruling out accident in 13-year-old fatal shooting of 14-year-old

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A 14-year-old has been shot and killed and it looks like another boy pulled the trigger.

Police say somehow a 13-year-old got his hands on a gun and pulled the trigger. That single shot took the life of a 14-year-old and police and the community want to know how and why?

"Once again another tragedy in Detroit," Police Chief James Craig said.

A scream heard in the background of Craig's interview echoed time and time again on the 5000 block of Radnor after a 14-year-old was shot and killed at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday as grieving loved ones learned the horrible truth.

"There may have been a dispute between a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old," Craig said. "We're not sure what over."

Police are not ruling out an accident either. They say it happened in the yard behind this abandoned house - one that they've been called to in the past.

"According to witnesses this is a location where youth hang out," Craig said.

While police have interviewed both families there are still a lot of unknowns they need to be sorted out.

"How did the young man acquire a weapon," Craig said. "If this was a dispute, we are not sure if this is what transpired. Was it two teenagers playing with a gun and was it accidental. We just don't know at this point."

Meanwhile this terrible trend of youth victims continues to tear the community apart.

"Please Detroit take hold of our children we need it., we are crying out for help," said a resident.  "Everyone needs to come together and love one another."

Police say the 13 was taken into custody without any trouble and they have the gun used in the death. What investigators really want to know is how he got it in the first place.

The 13-year-old is an eighth grade student who attends Marquette Elementary on Canyon Street who neighbors say was looking forward to summer.