DPD officer charged with pulling gun at wedding reception during altercation

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A Detroit police officer appeared before a judge Friday, charged with pulling her gun off-duty and drunk, at a wedding reception.

Diamond Greenwood, 26, has been with the Detroit Police Department since 2015.  She's accused of pulling out her gun and pointing it at several people while drunk at a packed wedding reception.
"Officer Greenwood has had a stellar career up until this point," said Cliff Woodards, defense attorney. "There has not been any contact nor any other additional criminal activity."

Greenwood arraigned on nearly a dozen charges Friday -- including aggravated assault, possession under the influence, obstruction of justice and willful neglect of duty.

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Greenwood's brother, 24-year-old Terry Catchings was also arraigned on four charges including felony firearm and felon in possession.

Prosecutors say back in October, Greenwood had been drunk when she pointed her gun at several people during the reception on Stearns and Livernois after an argument between two groups turned violent.

Prosecutors say at some point Greenwood's brother fired the gun. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Catchings was convicted of felony firearm back in 2014 as Greenwood is the latest Detroit police officer to be suspended. 

Just last month Cpl. Gary Steele was suspended for making a racist and sexist Snapchat post. Commander Johnny Thomas was forced to retire after drinking and driving and causing a crash. And Officer John O'Leary was charged for pulling out his gun while drunk at a Warren bar.

"It's happening too often and the message has been clear from the chief of police the Board of Police Commissioners, that we will not tolerate wrongdoing, misconduct of police officers," said Willie Bell, president of the board.

Greenwood on Friday was given a $5,000 bond and Catchings was given a $15,000 bond. The attorney for both, Cliff Woodards says, this was simply a family dispute fueled by alcohol.

"Sometimes people have disagreements and perhaps there may have been some alcohol served, probably. The allegations put forth by the prosecutor, are not necessarily true. We look forward to our day in court."

Meanwhile Greenwood remains suspended with pay.

Right now both Greenwood and Catchings are due back in court March 7th. Woodards says he will likely only be defending Greenwood in this case.