Dream Cruisers go rogue as classic car lovers flock to Woodward despite cancellation from pandemic

This year's Woodward Dream Cruise was canceled but you wouldn't know it by the traffic Friday night.

Classic car lovers from all over metro Detroit have converged on M1 despite the event being called off due to COVID-19 concerns.

Police are trying to disperse the drivers and get regular traffic only on Woodward tonight. Social distancing is going on for the most part, there was a throng gathered in one section gathered around cars, however.

Many people are saying they are going to continue the tradition cruising Woodward despite it not being a sanctioned event.

"There is enough car enthusiasts in this area that are so tired of being indoors, they want to be outside having fun," said Bob Frazier.

Dream Cruise is technically on Saturday but the night before is usually packed as well. 

Many said they are taking precautions but still want to have fun and enjoy the cars.

Saturday there is going to be a Make America Great Dream Cruise scheduled on what would have been the 26th annual actual Dream Cruise day.