Driver arrested in crash that killed 16-year-old passenger

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A 16-year old was killed after the car he was riding in plowed through a yard and slammed into a tree in Detroit.

Police say his 17-year old friend was driving and speeding through neighborhood streets before losing control on Rosemont near Joy Road.

Now that teen is under arrest.

The driver was already wanted on a felony weapons offense, and told police he had been drinking before the crash.

Not much was left of the Ford Taurus that tore down the street Tuesday evening with two teens inside. After losing control, the 17-year-old driver  crashed into a tree and sheered the bark off.

The car flipped and trapped the 16-year-old passenger, Jamal Thompson, inside.

"I have never seen anything like that in my life," said neighbor Robert Stott.

"My son was just riding his bike that way," said neighbor Chimere Whitfield. "He turned around, he said 'Mom can I get some milk.'  I went in to get him milk and that's when the car came flying tumbling into the air."

Whitfield watched as rescue crews cut through the car to try to save the passenger - but his injuries were too severe.  The driver walked away with only a fractured shoulder and was placed under arrest.

"They had to cut him out of the car," Stott said.

The family of the boys in the car declined to be interviewed - but neighbors at the scene just grateful their own children are safe.

Police have not released information yet on possible charges for the 17-year-old driver.