Driver crashes through man's Pontiac home in hit and run

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A car smashes into a Pontiac house in the middle of the night, blasting through a wall. 

"I think I can open the door," said Paul Lauinger. "The door still works so that's something."

A yelp from his German Shepard Sheba and a loud crash woke Paul Lauinger of Pontiac early Thursday.

"I came out and there was glass everywhere," he said. "I went back to my room to get some pants on and about that time, saw him going that side of my yard through the fence."

Lauinger looks at his home on Kinney Street with a huge hole in it. Thankfully, no one was hurt including Sheba, who had been sleeping inches from the door.

Police arrived quickly and as Lauinger's neighbor tells him the incident all happened in less than a minute. They spotted what appeared to be a black Ford Explorer speeding down the street.

"They lost a mirror on the no parking sign and barely missed my neighbor's car," he said. "Didn't miss the house!"

Lauinger said that children were nearby, and he and his wife inside. 

"He just blasted through the fence," he said.

Lauinger is disheartened the driver chose to leave.

"Without knowing they didn't hurt somebody - that's just wrong."

The possible SUV obviously is likely to have major front-end damage.

Lauinger and police are hoping someone knows who that driver is.

"It's just ridiculous," he said. "You don't need to drive that fast."

Lauinger says he's getting some help; a contractor is on the way Thursday... 

"He's going to donate the materials and I'm going to help with the work," he said.

Friends of Lauinger created a GoFundMe page to hopefully get him and his wife, some relief.

"If anybody did want to help, there's a lot of people who need it," he said. "Help somebody it doesn't need to be me."

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