Drivers, bicyclists reminded to share roads as weather warms up

Now that the weather is nice, more cyclists are hitting the pavement and drivers need to watch out.

The video above is scary. An SUV pulls right out in front of a bicyclist on Catalpa in Berkley, captured by the cyclist's helmet cam.

"One of two things went through that motorist's head -- one is I need to beat this cyclist out because I'm either going to be stuck behind him for the next mile or didn't see him at all because they were looking for a car," said Robert Osborne of American Cycle and Fitness.

Sharing the road with cars, trucks and SUV can be a bit daunting.

Bruce Beaumont was recently hit while riding his bike.

"Just a casual ride through the neighborhood and an older lady was swatting a bee in her car and veered over three lanes of traffic. Before you know it I was tolling over the hood of her car," he said.

"I'm not on the road because there's too many people that don't pay attention to ... people on bikes. I've almost been hit like 10 times probably," said Louis Barbato.

Now in some cities like in Ferndale, there are designated bike lanes, letting bikers know to beware.

But the majority of roads don't have bike lanes.

Bike experts say it's crucial everyone on the road, both drivers and cyclist always, be aware of their surroundings now that warm weather and bike season is in full swing.