Elmo stops by Detroit early learning center to teach kids about music

What was the best part about today?

That's what kids were asked at the Detroit Public Schools Community District's Fleming Early Learning Center. If you knew who visited them, then the answer is easy.

"Elmo!" said one kid. "And the violins."

The two-punch combo of Sesame Street favorite and music is enough to make any kid smile. And on the last day of school, dozens of kids were treated to just that.

"What better way to end the last day of an amazing school year other than doing that in a space where we're learning, growing together," said Jeanette Wright, with the district.

Elmo, the red-colored furry Muppet from everyone's favorite kid's educational program is on a tour across the country. And Detroit isn't where he's only going. Part of the show's 50th anniversary includes stops in several cities to spread the joy of music. 

And on Thursday, June 20, Elmo brought his A game.

"You can even clap your hands to make a galloping sound like this," Wright said, clapping her cupped hands together next to Elmo, who sat behind a podium. "Trip trap, trip trap, trip trap."

"We want to highlight all wonderful things helping children grow smarter, stronger, kinder, which is the goal of the Sesame Workshop," said Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, a member of Sesame Street.

Along with spreading the everlasting joy of music to kids, Elmo has also teamed up with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to further share that joy.

"The connection between music and art and life touches you in amazing ways," said Anne Parsons, of the DSO.

The trip was sponsored by PNC Bank.