'Everyone's panicking': Allen Park vape store in jeopardy after flavored e-cigarette ban

Some vaping customers are panicking after Governor Gretchen Whitmer said a public health crisis exists and took action, on her own, to ban flavored e-cigarettes and all flavored vaping products.  

"A lot of (people) are calling, saying oh, is it true? Is the flavor ban true? Everybody's panicking," said Nasser "Nas" Saleh.

For two years, Nas has owned Advanced Vapors on Southfield Road in Allen Park. He says all of his products have flavoring.

"For her to do that just overnight with the signature is pretty intense," he said.

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Intense, but not in a good way for Nas. He says he invested $200,000 and has $100,000 in inventory, but he'll be out of business.  

"It doesn't feel like we have options. We don't have freedom to choose what we want to do realistically," he said.

Realistically, the governor wants to prevent young people from vaping, and the advertising seems to be geared toward kids.

"They're trying to paint this image that only kids like fruity flavors," Nas said.

Nas says that while they're worried about selling to the kids, he has a strict policy that he doesn't even let them in to the store unless they're 18.

"She should focus on the people that were selling to people that are under 18," he said.

The governor said the ban starts immediately , but it will not be enforced for the next 30 days.