Eyes on Design annual car show in Grosse Pointe Shores

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A lot of dads and family members spending their Father's day checking out cars unlike any other at the 31st Annual Eye's on Design car show. 

"This is a special convertible version of the Eldorado the Cadillac of that year the Ritz model, there are only 1450 made so they are so they're fairly rare," Peter Davis said.

Peter Davis has been coming to Eyes on Design at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house in Grosse Pointe Shores for years. 

He's owned his 1961 Eldorado about 12 years, he drives it on nice days like today. His car received a red ribbon for the design of distinction.

His Cadillac is his love, but for him it's a car not a museum piece. 

"I don't worry too much about dings and scratches because that makes you crazy," he said.

Eyes on Design is a Father's Day tradition, it's the 31st year for the event, many of the cars here only hit the road in a trailer. 

"These are trailer queens, show cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, restorations," car appraiser Chuck Patton said.

The cars are judged on their quality. 

"I've always wanted a black and tan one I’ve had three others, now I’ve got the one I always wanted," Conrad Zumhagen said.

Unlike a lot of the cars at the show, Conrad Zumhagen's '61 Studebaker Avanti’s is a driver, he drives it to shows all over Southeast Michigan, pulling in this morning from Ann Arbor, owning it has been his dream. 

When I was a young man in school engineering school, I saw one of these come off a truck, knew the dealer, pulled over in my coupe and said can I drive it, he said no but said he'll take me for a drive, I’ve wanted on ever since I got one," Zumhagen said.

Wherever he goes, his Studebaker turns heads.

 "Driving on 696 this morning, with people beeping and waiving at you in old cars, fellow drivers or new cars," he said.

The Studebaker company has been defunct for more than a half century. Driving a car like this puts Conrad in a class, almost by himself. 

"Most of us Studebaker Avanti guys know each other, friends trade information, there's a following," he said.