Facebook's 10-year-challenge: harmless fun or easy data?

The ten year challenge, how have you aged challenge - whatever you want to call it - it's literally everywhere when you open Facebook. (Tired of seeing it yet?)

The Nine tried it. Derek Kevra, Maurielle Lue, and Deena Centofanti pulled up their old Facebook profile pictures to compare then to now. 

It's a great way to see how you've aged and changed over the years. And sure - some people will want to share it and that's great. Maurielle said Derek and Deena did not look any different - even though both think they it's a drastic change. 

However - Maurielle isn't interested in showing anyone the difference and she's backing it up with a good reason. 

After the challenge started spreading, the internet started working and creating theories that this is actually not a game or meme at all - but it's a way for massive companies to collect even more of your personal data. This would be the most personal of data: how you look and have aged over the years.

Specifically, Maurielle is referring to this article from Wired which wonders if it's not a harmless meme but insted is a way to train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition.

Effectively, the auhtor argues that while Facebook already has your original and current photos and could already extrapalate this data - you are making it easier for their algorithm. The article argues that you are making it more simple for the machine to pick up how you look different but posting these pictures side by side.

Especially if you're adding the years. That makes it even easier for the algorithm.

Of course - this could all just be in good fun. But the way big companies have already mined all of our data - this isn't that far of a reach.