Fallen WSU officer donates organs, fellow officers salute procession

Fellow police officers honored Collin Rose on Saturday as his body was transported from an organ and tissue donation facility in Ann Arbor to a funeral home in Clinton Township.

Rose, a 29-year-old Wayne State University police officer, was shot in the head Tuesday night while patrolling an area few blocks off campus. He died less than 24 hours later. Deangelo Davis, 31, was charged with first degree murder.

"Officer Rose was able to donate issue and by doing so he will help up to 75 people improve their lives," said Tim Makinen of the Gift of Life program.

Officers and firefighters saluted Rose's procession as it made its way through Metro Detroit.

"It's sad these police men have a tough job to do every day, chasing people who have not done nice things," said Chris Briggs, a St. Clair Shores resident.

When Briggs found out Rose's body was being brought to Kaul funeral home in Clinton Township, he grabbed his American flag and stood in the cold across the street on Garfield.

"I wanted to come out here and show my support for the police men and their family, and the rest of police that serve use every day and make sure we're safe," Briggs said.

Rose was engaged to be married and considered to be one of the best K-9 officer trainers in the country.

His gift of tissue donation allows him to help others even in passing.

"The impact is huge and that's why we're so grateful for this young officer who again, gave his life in the line of duty, served others and now will continue to do so through these gifts," Makinen said.

Officers outside the funeral home were trying to stay strong -- together.

"They have a tough job," Briggs said. "They have to assume every time they pull someone over that something's going to happen or something's bad, so it's a tough job. It really is, and I have a lot of respect for them."