Families gather to tribute love ones as Crimestoppers celebrate their 25th anniversary

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Families who look to Crimestoppers for help gathered at the Detroit river today to pay tribute to families who have lost a loved one.

From the deepest depths of personal grief and loss, these bonds are created. 

People who have lost loved ones at the hands of violence, who have been and continue to search for justice. 

"Silence is the number one killer in our community," Dolores Stinson said.

Dolores Stinson lost her son nearly five years ago to the day. 

"Each one of these crimes that have been committed that haven't been solved. Someone knows something."

She was one of the dozens who came out to get people to keep talking. 

"We know the streets talk. They always do and we encourage people to speak out. Help us so we can help the grieving families," Chief James Craig said.

This event to mark 25 years of crimestoppers in the community saw a new way to honor those lost, calling it roses on the river. 

"We will continue to grow these events to keep families together. Keep hope together, and support each other," Dan DiBardino said, President CEO of crimestoppers.