Families of senior living murder victims want more from apartment complex

The families of two innocent bystanders shot and killed by a man last month say they still don't understand what happened and haven't heard any new information from the senior living complex.

The families of Bernice Clark and Kenneth Hall didn't know each other before mid November. But that all changed when a man shot and killed them both.

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Clark and Hall were killed on November 13th at the Phillips Sims Senior Housing Complex on Dickerson on Detroit's east side. The suspect, 69-year-old James Fleming, was arrested about a week later in Virginia.

The families both say apartment management refuses to talk about what happened that night.

"I've been speaking with them on the phone for - all week. Today was the day they came out and said they will not meet with us," Rosena Branch, Clark's daughter-in-law, said.

A regional manager for the complex said because it's a criminal investigation, she has to let police handle the investigation. She also said family attorneys should contact the housing complex's attorney with questions in writing.

"We don't really know what happened that night. We just, we want to know. That's all we want to know. We have some whys. Why did this happen? What happened," Branch said.

Detroit Police have publicly said Fleming, who lived at the complex, got in a fight with a woman, left, and then came back and shot the two victims.

Clark had lived at Phillips Sims for three months and was in the entryway welcoming Hall, a security guard, on his first day on the job. That's when police said Fleming walked in and started shooting. 

"He was looking so forward to the job, just kept talking about it - 'I'm starting my new job, I'm ready'," Hall's niece Latonya Robinson said.

While nothing will bring back these two innocent people, their loved ones say answers to their questions will help bring them closure.