Families reunited with puppy after tremendous heartbreak

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"We have a really big cat, really playful cat. You might be interested in that one."

Thinking she'd be adopting a cat - 17-year-old Messiah didn't realize the folks with Detroit Dog Rescue and Project One - and even her own mother - have someone else in mind.

Last month, Messiah was sitting in the back seat of a Chevy Malibu in Detroit with her brother, Zachary Garrison and his girlfriend, Angel Careathers in the front seats. Angel's sister, 15-year-old Krystal was in back, with Zachary and Angel's puppy Bella - when a speeding Camaro smashed into them. Zachary and Angel were killed. Krystal, Messiah - and even Bella were seriously injured.

"She needed stitches in her nose. She had lacerations all over her body. She actually was covered in blood," said Kristina Rinaldi, of Detroit Dog Rescue about Bella’s condition.

That driver is charged with two counts of operating under the influence causing death. Zachary and Angel's families had not seen the puppy since the accident.

"That's all we have left is Bella - from both of them," said Avria McKelvey, Zachary’s mother.

Zachary's mother decided Thursday that it's time for Bella to come home with Messiah, Zachary’s sister.

When Bella was brought in, she instantly remembered Messiah and Krystal.

“I’m happy to see her and that she’s okay,” said Messiah

“I'm happy. I miss her a lot. I'm used to seeing her every day," said Krystal, Angel’s sister.

Zachary and Angel's family became emotional while looking at the 6-month-old puppy.

"They loved her a lot," said Messiah.

“Actually it’s happy tears. We love that dog," said McKelvey.

Detroit Dog Rescue will cover Bella's vaccinations for the rest of her life. Project One sent Messiah and Bella home with food, treats, and a crate.

“Because the dog was in the car at the time, there's only a few people that can really, really relate to that. They can be there for each other now," said Kirsten Mumma, Executive Director of Project One.

Bella - who was in shock from the accident – is already back to her playful self.

"You see her submitting belly up. Look at that face."

She’s bringing a little joy back to two families that lost so much.

“It’s a happy feeling this time,” said McKelvey. “Not a sad feeling. It’s a happy occasion.”