Family members say 13-year-old Nazir Jordan Powell did not shoot himself

The family of 13-year-old Nazir Jordan Powell can’t believe their son is dead.

“I can’t believe that one of my babies is gone,” said Nazir’s stepdad Shunndean Bridges.

Their pain magnified by preliminary information provided by police that the teen allegedly mishandled a weapon when it discharged and struck him. 

“My son don’t play with guns, he would never touch a gun, “said Nazir’s mother Denise Bridges. “He was full of joy and life. He would never kill himself, never.”

Nazir’s parents told Fox 2, they were not home at the time of the tragic incident, but their other child provided details about what took place, pointing the finger at a family member. 

“He saw The 16-year-old cousin coming out of a room with the gun and he put it back where he found it, Denise said. 

“Their cousin with a gun put the clip and went back to wherever he got it,” said Shunndean. 

That gun belongs to Nazir’s stepfather and was meant to keep the family out of harm’s way. 

“This supposed to be Protection for my family,” Shunndean said. 

The family said the weapon was wrapped up and put away, and there’s only one way this family member, who was visiting the house, could have found the gun. 

Fox 2 reached out to police to learn if anyone is in custody, Detroit police said their investigation is still in the initial stages and will not confirm what the parents have to say about this tragedy. 

The Family is also working to clear up some other misinformation about this incident. They said their kids were not home alone. In fact, that a 27-year-old family member was home and they hope this incident sends a strong message about gun safety. 

“I want to tell kids guns are not to be played with. It could take a life like it my son’s life,” Denise said. 

A life that will never be fulfilled