Family of girl hit, dragged on Halloween, looking for help

A local teen is on a long road to recovery after being hit by two cars while trick or treating on Halloween.

The second car dragged Samiah Bishop for miles. Now, a week later, her mother says she is so grateful her daughter is alive.

"I'm just thankful to God that I am visiting her where I can see her touch her and talk to her," said Andrea Bishop.

Bishop said when she rushed to the hospital she saw the impact of Samiah's injuries

"She has lacerations on face, buttocks, legs, burns over her body, she has internal injuries on liver and both kidneys, fracture on spleen and discs on back."

Bishop says Samiah still does not remember everything that took place that tragic evening.

But police say Samiah was hit by one of the drivers in the area of Ellsworth and Silverleaf.

That driver stopped and called 911.

But then she was hit and dragged by a second vehicle to the area of Michigan Avenue and I-94.

Police are still searching for the second driver.

"If you could just come forward and tell us something," Bishop said.

The family's attorney says it's crucial that the driver provide much needed answers.

"I would ask the driver to come forward now," said Scott A. Goodwin.  "Ask for forgiveness now don't ask when you are caught."

Now Samiah's mother says each day is spent by her daughter's side at the hospital.

And as Samiah continues to recover the medical bills keep adding up and the family says they are calling on the community to help them.

A GoFundMe account has been set up and if you want to make a donation, CLICK HERE.

"Our goal is to raise 30,000 so we can help Samiah," Bishop said.

Bishop says Samiah will need rehab to help her walk again but she is already seeing some progress.
And despite her road to recovery Bishop says she is grateful Samiah is alive.

"This could have been worse," Bishop said. "Instead of visiting her in hospital I could be visiting her at grave site."