Family of mother who was shot and burned, wants justice years later

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It was March of 2000 when Bennett Hopkins says his mother was reported missing.

Delilah Bennett was a 41-year-old church-going mother of three with a good job when she disappeared...

"It destroyed our lives," Hopkins said. "Not one day of these 19 years have we gave up the search for our mother."

But in 2017 Delilah's children learned there were unidentified bodies that Michigan State Police were trying to identify, like the bodies at Knollwood Cemetery.  Police were taking samples from and working to identify just last week.

The Hopkins children contacted Detroit police to submit DNA samples in hopes of finally finding their mom. In March they learned of a match - it turns out Delilah's body was actually discovered in April of 2000 - a month after she went missing. 

She had been shot and burned.
"Mother's Day, holidays, birthdays and all for nothing," said Destiny Hopkins, the victim's daughter-in-law. "We've been looking for her all these years - no one helped us - we just need closure if you know anything please help our family."

The family had been going to the morgue, hospitals and prisons all the while searching for Delilah. But she has been dead all these years, her body had been at the Wayne County Morgue until 2006 - then buried at Knollwood Cemetery in Canton.

Now she has 10 grandchildren she never got to meet.

"We wonder why she couldn't be here to watch any of us graduate - any of us go to prom," said granddaughter Lauryn Holland. "She couldn't be here to share those moments and we want to know why - why did this happen."

"Our mother, she was the sweetest woman in the world," Bennett Hopkins said. "And I can't think of (something) she could have done to make someone do her the way they done. So there is no way that we're going to stop until we get someone responsible for this."

If you have any information, please make an anonymous call to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP there is a $2,500 cash reward.