Family of murdered girlfriend in Walled Lake raising funds for her children

A family whose loved one was allegedly killed by her boyfriend earlier this month is now trying to make sure the three kids she leaves behind are supported. 

Kiara Hopkins was found dead August 14 at a home in Walled Lake. The 29-year-old had been shot several times. Two of her children, her young daughters, just 9 months and 4 years old, were there. 

"I was like, huh? You know how somebody says something and you think you hear them, but you don't, and you're trying not to hear them, and my grandma said that he killed her. ... In front of two children," Kiara's cousin Damon tells us.

Kiara also has a 7-year-old son who wasn't in the home that day.

"You took a mother; you took a daughter; you took a cousin. She was very loved," Damon says. 

Neighbors said they'd heard arguing before that day and heard shots just before Hopkins would be discovered dead. Damon says he wasn't aware of the violence but doesn't want any woman or man in this situation to avoid asking for help.

"If you can, if you see any red flags my advice would be to get away. There's always someone that's going to be there and trying to care," he says. 

Devin Thomas, Kiara's boyfriend, ran off from the home they shared after she was killed. He was later caught and has been charged with murder in her death.

For all the children, their family has set up a GoFundMe account. If you'd like to donate to the family, you can do so here