Family of Riot's youngest victim speaks on 50th anniversary

Barbara Abner's niece,Tanya Blanding, was the youngest person killed during the 1967 riots.

She says Tanya's house was shot up by the National Guard on the first night of rioting when they mistook a cigarette being lit for gunfire.

Barbara remembers what the little girl's father said after the shooting.

"He said 'let me get my baby to the hospital' with blood running down his legs. He knew something was wrong with her," says Abner.

Deborah Rutherford Hood is Barbara's daughter. She and Tanya were cousins.

"I was the one who was supposed to pick her up and I got caught in the curfew," says Hood.

"For years I thought I was responsible. Later on I realized it wasn't my fault."

Fifty years later, Abner still recalls the night like it was yesterday.

"I'll never forget it. Every year it gets worse," says Abner.

"She was such a sweet child. They say you're days are numbered when you come into this world but I don't believe that."