Father of student stabbed at school: 'I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy'

Danyna Gibson's family is struggling to make sense of this vicious attack. They tell FOX 2 that she was such a good person it's hard to fathom that anyone would want to hurt her, let alone murder her right at school. 

"You took something that was so valuable to me that I would rather be laying there than her," said her father Preston Gibson.

A straight-A student, dedicated athlete and a high school beauty. Preston can't believe his daughter is gone.

"I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy," he said.

Danyna,16, was in class Wednesday morning at Fitzgerald High School in Warren when she was stabbed to death.  Police say a former friend, a 17-year-old girl brought a steak knife to school. She attacked Danyna, stabbing her multiple times right in front of a teacher and classroom full of students. 

The school's security officer tried to save Danyna, but sadly she later died at the hospital. Apparently the suspect was angry because Danyna told the suspect's boyfriend that she had been cheating on him. 

"In my heart I felt hate, but then again I had to remember from what I heard, hate is what got her here," Preston said.

The Fitzgerald High School community remembering their friend and classmate Thursday afternoon with a moment of silence and a balloon release. The question of school safety now the conversation among parents, some calling for metal detectors to be installed, including Danyna's dad. 

Police: Teen fatally stabs love rival at Fitzgerald High School

"When I was back in high school we had metal detectors. You could not get through school to class without going through that metal detector," he said.

The 17 year old accused of stabbing Danyna was a straight A student too, who has never been in trouble. She's expected to be charged with murder this week. 

"I can really  only pray for you and forgive you," Preston said.

Student stabbed to death in fight at Fitzgerald High School

Police tell FOX 2 they are looking at the possibility of a planned attack on Danyna based on a threatening social media post before her murder.