Feed front line coronavirus workers and support local restaurants with LoopWhole.com

Co-founder & CEO of marketing company Combustion, Sefi Grossman says he and his team have been working closely with small businesses and some - are really struggling.

"We don't make ventilators. We don't make masks. But we make software." "If you do the right thing, good things will follow. We feel really strongly about that."

Trying their best - to make a difference at a distance, the Birmingham business wants to help our first responders and healthcare workers.

"We have several clients that were hit really hard, definitely in the food industry," he said. “We were sitting around wondering what we could do to make a difference in the climate right now." 
Grossman says the owner of locally-based Pizza Papalis contacted him about helping frontline workers.

And that's when the idea came: use their site, LoopWhole.com, that already helps businesses owners with their marketing. Grossman says his team was ready to jump in and volunteer.

"Now we have not just an ability to help local businesses but also be able to feed the frontline at the same time," he said.

The goal: to make it easier to deliver food from local restaurants to healthcare workers and first responders.

"The unspoken part of this is taking care of the people who are taking care of us. That's what it's about right now," Grossman said.

Basically, donations are combined into larger orders and LoopWhole makes it easier for local restaurants to coordinate with each hospital, fire station or police station.

"Every amount makes a difference. You don't have to feed an entire floor or emergency department," he said.

And Grossman says - hospitals and businesses can sign up easily - and quickly.

"Within an hour we get all of their info, get their logo, and then they're up and running and were able to start taking donations," Grossman said.

And all of this: free. The donations - however large or small - goes straight to each business. and those meals, into the hands of doctors, nurses... police officers and firefighters.

"Any amount makes a big difference to help those people who are putting their lives at risk every single day," he said.

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