Fifth Third Bank Impatience Survey

These days it seems everyday life is becoming more and dependent on technology and instant gratification has become the norm. Is that making people less patient? Fifth Third Bank did a survey and found most people will seek a faster way, even if it comes at a price.

Here are a few of Fifth Third's findings:

-96 percent of Americans will knowingly consume extremely hot food or drink that burns their mouth; 63 percent do so frequently  

-More than half hang up the phone after being on hold one minute or less

-71 percent frequently exceed the speed limit to get to their destination faster

-Americans will binge-watch an average of seven TV episodes in a single sitting 

-Nearly a third of respondents ages 18-24 wait less than one second before bypassing a slow walker

-Gen Yers check their phones an average of eight times when waiting to hear back from someone they've dated 

The survey is part of the bank's launch of a new app. Click  HERE to read more.