First male gymnast to accuse Nassar of sexual assault tells his story

The first male gymnast to say he was sexually abused by Larry Nassar has come forward as part of a civil lawsuit against the former and disgraced doctor.

Jacob Moore says the strength of his sister, who was one of 260 women to come forward, that gave him the strength to come forward.

"To have a 16-year-old man go through what he went through, that's something most men wouldn't be strong enough to share with the world," his attorney, Ven Johnson said.

Moore is the first man to publicly accuse Nassar in an amended federal lawsuit. Moore says Nassar abused him when he was a teen.

His sister Kamerin Moore told her brother's story first in court last month.

"After he had surgery on his shoulder, in your basement, you pulled his pants slightly down to expose him," she said.

Johnson said Nassar told Moore his 'chi' for his shoulder was located underneath his genitals.

"That's how he convinced Jacob to do this," Johnson said.

In the complaint, Moore accuses Nassar of treating his shoulder injury by using acupuncture in and around his genitals.

"Total manipulation by a conniver, a pedophile," Johnson said.

This so-called treatment was being done in front of another one of Nassar's alleged victims: a young girl.

"Nassar may have done it simply as part of his manipulation involving that young lady," Johnson said. 

Nassar has been sentenced to two separate sentences of 40 to 175 years plus another 60 years in federal prison on child porn charges. But Johnson says there are others responsible parties, like Twistars, USA Gymnastics, Michigan state University and others - who need to stop hiding.

"Its mind-blowing. It's ridiculous," he said. "Had any one of these people institutionally done their jobs... it would've been exposed years ago."

Johnson said Moore is the strongest man he's ever met and hopes Moore's voice and the voice of the other women goes even louder and further.

"There's no question in my mind this man did this or something similar to other young men," Johnson said. "My hope is that every other victim, male or female would use this as motivation to come forward and literally tell everybody about what happened."