Flavored vaping ban takes effect Oct. 2 causing customers to stock up

Advanced Vapors in Allen Park is about to celebrate its second anniversary but the owner is not feeling very celebratory with the ban going into effect on Wednesday.

"We're going to take down the e-liquids obviously and we're going to comply with the law," said owner Nassar Saleh. "But we still got to get rid of as much as possible of the devices and coils. They are kind of useless without the e-liquid."

Nasser Saleh says Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's ban on flavored vaping products will likely put him out of business, even though the ban is temporary right now of 180 days.

"On the business side of things, it's not realistic," he said. "You are going to be able to just shut down and come back."

Michigan is the first state to ban flavored vaping oils, saying the sweet sugary flavors like 'melon twist' is appealing to kids.

"You can get these anywhere, and kids can get them, I've seen it," said Jodi Schlimmer, a customer. But customers like Jodi say the crackdown should be on big businesses that are selling to minors. Jodi and her 18-year-old son, Sean, are stocking up on their favorite flavors before the ban goes into effect.

"The flavors attracted me, everything," said Sean Stanley. "The clouds, nothing beats this, not even a cigarette. I'm a cloud chaser."

Jodi says she is healthier since she traded in her cigarettes. 

"The vaping is satisfying," she said. "It tastes good, and it has just saved me. It saved me from cigarettes."

Meanwhile, Advanced Vapors is busy - at least until Wednesday.

"I had a customer yesterday buy $632 worth of liquid," said Saleh.