Following spiking trend of youth vaping rates, Oakland County officials teaming up to push back

Following reports of skyrocketing levels among teenagers who are now vaping, Oakland County health officials are teaming up with school superintendents and the Alliance for Healthy Communities to curb that rate. While the rates are disconcerting for officials, an increasingly troubling trend are the number of deaths connected to the practice. Oakland County Executive David Coulter said they're going to be providing more education and advocating for changes in public policy.

Michigan’s flavored vaping ban is “shortsighted,” could harm more people than help, public health officials say

Michigan's ban the sale of flavored vaping products could harm more people than help. That's the sentiment that some public health officials feel about a blanket ban of a product that is less harmful to its users than those who smoke tobacco. However, Michigan's state health department feels because of a spike in vaping use among youth, it's a necessary order to carry out. Several health organizations agree with the state.