Float stops car from striking crowd at Clarkston parade

After a driver in the Clarkston Fourth of July parade narrowly missed striking the crowd, some are left wondering why that driver isn't being held accountable.

Mike Hazel owns Yard Solutions lawn care and had a float in the Clarkston parade.

One driver with a classic '57 Chevy in the parade behind him was revving his engine throughout the route.

Near the end of the parade by Buffalo and Church, the driver lost control of the vehicle and took off toward the crowd of people four or five rows deep.

"The throttle linkage on a '57 Chevy came unhooked and as he stepped on it, he slammed into the car in front of him," said parade goer Mike Wright.

The float was rear-ended.

Hazel says the driver left a 24-foot burn mark along the road.

Hazel showed FOX 2 the police report and called the driver and tried to get the guy to just help him cover the cost, but the driver refused.

"I don't feel like my premiums or anything should go up, why do I have to put the deductible -- bring it out of my pocket? He basically said that's what he wanted to do and hung up," Hazel said.

Hazel's float suffered $1,400 worth of damages. Under Michigan law, Hazel can only get up to $1,000 for the car.

There's a Facebook page with people thanking Hazel for keeping them from getting hurt.