Fordson High students collecting supplies for humanitarian crisis in Yemen

From collecting cash in the cafeteria to collecting medicine in the classroom, and even formula for infants, students at Fordson High School in Dearborn are trying to combat a humanitarian crisis half a world away in Yemen.

"We feel like we need to step up and we need to work really hard and it's something we're all passionate about," said student Sajaa Alfatlawi.

The entire school has joined the Medical and Engineering Club in raising money and gathering supplies for war-torn Yemen, where millions are suffering in what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis of 2018. Famine has led to the malnutrition and starvation of millions of children.

"Students reached out to me they said Mrs. Bazzi, there's something we have to do about this - this is unacceptable," said teacher Farah Bazzi.
Bazzi said the over the counter medicine and formula and powdered milk they've collected will be donated to pure hands non-profit and shipped to Yemen as they continue to raise money for relief efforts there.

"As of right now we've exceeded $10,000 in donation, which is all student-led effort. I'm extremely proud of them," she said.

But the students say they had no choice -- this is the right thing to do.

"If we know we're able to provide this then why not? What stops us?" said student Jana Ghoul.

"Right now we are starting to offer - it's one of the best things we can do for our brothers and sisters up in Yemen," said student Hussein Hussein.

The students are continuing to collect supplies at Fordson High School. Click here to visit their GoFundMe and make a contribution.