Former photojournalist exposes racist remarks on social media

Shelby Township's police chief on forced leave right now after a barrage of racist online remarks. 

The investigation was tipped off by a guy who is committed to holding people accountable for their social media presence. 

"I just decided that I wasn't going to be silent anymore, because if you're silent your part of the problem," said Dan Lippitt.

Former photojournalist Dan Lippitt is making his Facebook page a billboard for ousting anyone posting racist remarks. 

"Everybody has been in the situation when someone makes an inappropriate comment and you freeze, 'Like what do I do here,'" he said.

That's where Lippitt comes in. There is no fear of repercussions for Dan - that's why last Thursday he went public with tweets made by Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shelide. 

"All I did was make a post from my couch," he said.

He doesn't want credit - but that post - with consequences for the chief, now on paid leave, pending an investigation.

One of those posts by Shelide called protesters 'wild savages' and he went on to say if 'I wish to God I would have been there. Body bags for these vicious sub humans.' He has since apologized.

"Cyberspace is a big place there is probably other stuff out there that the chief might not want out," Lippitt said. "But I'm going to let the process play out and if further steps need to be taken hopefully it will be taken by me and others."

Lippitt dips into his journalism background sourcing his tips before going public. 

"I've got a lot of emails - most don't rise to level that I feel like posting," he said. "I am posting things that seem to be way over the line."

Lippitt is moving his effort over to Twitter, inviting anyone who comes across racially insensitive posts to send it his way.