Former school monitor's mansalughter charge reinstated for teen drowning

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"I always wonder if he thinks about it, do you think about what you did, what you caused? You changed my life forever," said Lakisha Swift.

Johnathan Sails could be heading back to trial very soon.

The Michigan Court of Appeals has reinstated the involuntary manslaughter charge against him for the death of 14-year-old KeAir Swift.

The charge was dismissed in 2015.

"I'm so blessed and thankful because somebody came to their senses, and I thank them so much," said KeAir’s mother Lakisha.

In 2013, Sails worked as a monitor for a swim class at East Detroit High School.

It was on November 8th nearly four years ago. The 14-year-old boy began struggling in the pool when other students started yelling for help.

"They informed him again and again and again. They said it took him about five minutes before he even got up to go see. When he got up to go see, they say he looked in the pool. He saw KeAir just there, and he walked away and said he was going in the locker room to change."

"They said once the paramedics got there, they got a pulse on him, but it was already too late."

As you can imagine, Lakisha Swift has not been able to move beyond the tragedy of losing her only son.

"I go through it every day, but some days are worse than others."

While grieving, the mother says she has avoided coming back to the school, but this week - just by chance - she happened to drive in the area.

"I never go pass the school, but I had to go to the bank right there. I rode pass, and I just had a break down. I had to pull over. I couldn’t stop crying.”

Going forward, this mother in pain is looking for closure.

"I hope these charges stick.”

The Macomb County prosecutor's office requested this appeal that went in their favor. We put in a call to them and the defense attorney for Johnathan Sails, but we our calls have not been returned.